Trendy Hairstyles For Fine Hair

It is a boon if you have thick, lustrous and bouncy hair. However,  most of us are not lucky enough, and have skimpy and thin hair. Though easy to maintain, one is always alert with the kind of hairstyle that will look good with thin hair, because one wrong hairdo can make the hair look limp and flat.

Hairstyles with fine hair should add the bounce and volume for a fuller look. Here are a few that look trendy and hide the flaws of fine hair.

Stylish Hairstyles For Fine Hair


This hairstyle is midway between pixie and bob cut. It can be carried for short to medium length of fine hair. The plus mark is for females who have shoulder length hair need not sacrifice much on the length, as the uneven ends do not call for much hair chopping.

bixie hairstyles

This low maintenance hairstyle is meant basically for females who have a heart shaped face. The length enhances the cheekbone features giving an exotic look. This hairstyle requires hair gel clubbed with a blow dry for quick texture and styling.

Uneven Texture

This is again a short pixie variant where the hair is chopped up to the nape of the neck in an uneven manner. The layered look adds a lot of volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

Uneven Texture

Usage of hair gel with blow dry and finger combing to give required texture is necessary. This short hair style looks great on oval faces and for hair with various volumes, especially thin hair. Depending on the likeness, you can add highlighting for additional depth and fringes for delicate looks.

Versatile Curls

This hairstyle is for long hair lovers. Give yourself a soft and exotic look with loose curls for a fuller look. Works well for mid-length to long hair, can be teamed with bangs or fringes for a stylish appearance. For low density hair, this hairstyle suits most face shapes.

versatile curls

Apply heat protecting spray before using barrel irons. Make sure you use a smaller curling rod size than the curls you want for a lasting effect. Keep the hairdo intact with a firming spray. It gives a chic look with formals and casuals.

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Beachy Waves

Short hair with soft curls gives a very casual yet voluminous look to thin hair. if the shape of your face is like that of a heart, hide the jaw-line with thicker curls near the face.

beachy waves

Use a good styling get before curling, to protect the hair from heating damages. For hair that is fine, make stacked curls accompanied with a bang and use sea spray for the wet look and texture. Do not overdo the bang, as its shadow casted on the face may give a dull overall look. Do not comb hair after the curling, use fingers instead.

Elegant Layers

Layers is one hairstyle, that suits all sorts of hair and face types and is a blessing for fine hair, to add the wavy touch to the flat falls. If the hair is fine, make layers for shoulder length hair and keep it short near the face.

elegant layers

Blow dry and comb to get the wavy effect, this adds a lot of volume instantly to lame hair. Keep the hair do intact by using spray on the crown area as it is the base for the entire look. A perfect look for evenings and dinner, this definitely is very lady like.