Trendy Long Hairstyles For Teens


long hairstyles for teens Being a teen is all about spending time in school and involved in different activities 24×7. The busy schedule of teens makes them opt for hairstyles that are easy to maintain yet cute and stylish.

There is no dearth of such hairstyles but if you have long hair then probably it is not as simple as it sounds. But for teens with long hair, one can always look into innumerable teen celebrities who sport different hairstyles for their events and parties.

Being a teen is all about having fun, so always check into different hair colors and accessories that can make your hairstyle look different from others.

Top Long Hairstyles For Teens

Few of the popular teen hairstyles for long hair are listed below:

Blunt Bangs

To get this hairstyle, all you need to do is to apply hair gel onto your hair while using a dryer over it.

Blunt Bangs

While blow drying the hair, make sure that you are using a barreled round brush to roll your bangs. Concentrate on drying your bangs and brush each end till there are no curls in the bangs.

Straight Emo Hair

One of the popular teen choices is the emo look that is considered cool and stylish. To create the perfect emo look with your long hair is to color the strand ends. Middle part and start by applying pomade to the wet hair.

Straight Emo Hair

Air dry the hair and then run a flat iron across the ends. Next, apply pomade again to the ends while rubbing your fingers down through the ends to accentuate the jagged ends of the hair.

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Long Layered Waves

Long layered hair can be styled like celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson by accentuating the curls. In case you have straight hair then you can create soft waves by using styling hair products and a curling iron. To make the perfect curls, wash the hair and add hair gel into the wet hair.

waves and curls

While doing so, scrunch the ends while blow drying the hair in a low setting. At regular intervals, brush the hair while adding pomade to the ends. Once you are happy with the curls, you can allow it to dry and let the curls set. Once it is set, brush the curls and comb you bangs on one side for an extremely cute look.


Another great hairstyle for teens who want to keep their hair out of their face is braids. There are more than one braid styles to opt for and most of them are very versatile. To make the perfect braid, pull back the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a band. Next, braid the ponytail.

Inside-out Fishtail Braids

You can either opt for the traditional and easy to make two braids or fishtail braid that can look stylish and trendy. Once you are happy with the braids, you can use stylish hairpins and accessories that will complete your teen look. This is a great option for teens who are into sport activities and need hairstyles that are easily manageable.