Trendy Short Haircuts For Women


Do you wish to sport a flirty and fun haircut? You can try out a short hairstyle! A short haircut not only looks fun and gives off a playful look, but they are very easy to achieve as well. These trendy short haircuts can be customized on the basis of the look you wish to flaunt.

This style is extremely versatile and while some looks are fresh and modern, some looks are classic and timeless and can be worn by each and everyone. Here are four very trendy and innovative short hairstyles that can be sported by women during this season.

Short Haircuts For Women

The Wispy Short Hairstyle 

The easiest and the most hassle free way to sport a dreamy and romantic look in short hair is to add layers and make it wispy and wavy. You can also dye your hair into a soft colour like brown to make it dreamier. This look works well with round faces or faces that are heart shaped as they elongate the face and soften the facial features to a certain extent.
Wispy Short Hair Cut
To get this look, get your hair cut as short as you want and then accordingly get a few layers cut to add a bit of volume to the cut. To style this cut, blow dry the hair using a paddle brush and remember to flip the ends of the hair outwards while doing so to obtain a wispy look. Follow this by applying a light hairspray and then run your fingers through the hair to give it a tousled look.

The Ringed And Cropped Hairstyle 

The ringed and cropped hairstyle is a playful and fun style for women who wish to show off the kid in them. To get this style, it is better if you possess curly hair or else one can also artificially curl their hair by using a curler.
cropped hairstyle
This hairstyle is characterized by a short crop where the head is covered with perfectly round curls. This style works for people who have thick or medium hair and faces which are oval, round or heart shaped. Complete the look by applying a strong hold hairspray to make the curls more long lasting.

The Edgy Spikes

The edgy spiked hairstyle gives a rock and roll and funky look to the wearer. For this look, your hair should be boy cut or cut in a razor sharp style. You can then get asymmetrical fringes cut from the side which can be gelled to give off a spiky look.
edgy spikes
Straight hair whether it is medium thick or thin is preferred for this look and this style suits faces which are round or oval. This look requires minimal effort and simply needs to be flat ironed using a straightening iron such that each strand looks sharp and set. Complete the look by spraying a good misty hairspray and separate out the strands a bit to make the look edgier.

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The Full Fringed Bob 

full fringed bob
The full fringe or the blunt bangs is a hairstyle very much in demand right now and this style is very flexible as it can be sported with short hair or a bob. In this style your fringes are straight and bluntly cut to cover the forehead while the rest of the hair is left free or given a tousled look.