Types Of Hair Loss Treatment

hair loss bulkNot only women, but men too are very conscious about their looks and overall appearance. Many men suffer from the problem of hair loss and this can make them lose their self confidence.

They may start avoiding people and become shy in the company of others. A man can become very conscious about his looks if he does not have hair. There are many types of hair loss treatments which offer a great relief to men by helping them to gain back their lost hair. You can try any of these treatments to not only gain back hair but also your lost confidence.

Different Types Of Hair Loss Treatment

Anti Inflammatory

There are a number of reactions related to our hormonal and immune system that goes on in your scalp. These give rise to inflammation, redness, flaking and itching which is reduced by such anti-inflammatory treatments. An anti-inflammatory forms a vital part of a hair loss treatment.

Anti Inflammatory products

You can use an anti-inflammatory like Nizoral Shampoo as it is extremely effective and safe to use. You can use this shampoo twice every week and rotate it with another shampoo that you generally use.

DHT Inhibitors

Another type of hair loss treatment is that of DHT inhibitors which help to lessen the levels of DHT. They are commonly found in products like Revivogen and Propecia.

They do this by inhibiting their creation and relieving the hair follicles from various types of damages. They are quite effective in stopping the cause which is behind the hair loss to a great extent.

Growth Stimulants

Hair loss can also be treated with the help of growth stimulants like Tricomin and Rogaine Form which help to create the growth of new hair. If you take the help of a growth stimulant only; it can create new hair but not stop the cause of hair fall.

Tricomin Growth Stimulants Hair Loss Treatment

Thus, growth stimulants are unable to cure the problem on their own. This is the reason why many men combine the use of growth stimulants along with DHT inhibitors to get an attractive looking synergestic effect. This helps to give rise to new hair growth and also stop the cause of hair fall at the same time.

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Antiandrogens like Topical Spironolactone Lotion which works in a way wherein it blocks the DHT from reaching the hair follicles. One of the main benefits of this type of hair loss treatment is that it prevents the body from facing the side effects of reduced DHT levels.

Men who wish to regain their lost hair quickly and want thick hair, often combine a DHT inhibitor, an antiandrogen and a growth stimulant, all at the same time for a complete hair loss solution.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Surgical procedures are becoming more and more common nowadays, with many people opting for it to regain their lost hair.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

In this kind of a surgery, the surgeon uses the hair on your back or side of the scalp by removing small plugs of skin containing the hair and implants them into those sections of your scalp which are bald. For such a surgery to be successful, various sessions may be required.