Unique Braids For Long Hair

The beauty which lies in the long hair cannot be compared to any other hair. They do not just spark an instant attraction but they add to one’s personality. There are huge options available when it comes to styling a long hair from simple and graceful ponytails to stylish intricate hairstyles.

Braids are summer’s coolest trends and with the long hair there is no end to creativity and styling. Hairstylists and enthusiasts are inventing newer and newer braiding styles everyday and rejoicing the beauty of long hair. Here we have brought to you some unique and wonderful braiding hairstyles for your special occasions.

Braid Your Long Hair With These Unique Styles

Inverted Braid

This is one of the simplest and easy braids. Though the technique is similar to the normal braid it gives a special and unique effect.

Inverted Braid

Start the same way as a normal braid by dividing the hair into 3 sections. Here each section goes under one another instead of over as in a normal braid. It gives a feeling of exposed braid where the grains run in an inverted fashion.

Waterfall Braid

A perfect braided hairstyle for your long and straight hair. Grab a chunk of hair in the front where you want to start the braid. Divide them into 3 sections and start braiding in the normal style towards the back and not straight down. After 2-3 crossovers start French braiding by taking the hair from your head.

Waterfall Braid

Now create waterfall effect by dropping the lower section of the hair and picking up new sections. When you reach the other end, finish with the normal braiding and secure it with a band.

Braided Crown

It is an amazing updo for long hair. It just sits firm and you do not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It is created by French braiding the whole hair from one ear end to the other on top of the head in the form of a crown leaving couple of inches from the hairline.

 Braid Updo

Another easy way to get this braided crown is by making two pigtail braids.  Secure the pigtail braids using clear elastics. Pull one braid up over your head and secure it with bobby pin an inch backwards from your hairline. Pull the other braid and position it behind the first braid and pin it. Your braided crown is ready.

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Stacked Braid

This is one of the innovative ideas of braiding for long hair. Start with the normal braiding by dividing the hair into three sections. Leave a thin bunch of strands on the right hand side when you switch the right most section and a bunch from the left section (later these strands will be used for stacked braid).

Stacked Braid

Continue leaving thin pieces at each crossover from the right and left sections as you braid down. Secure it with elastic. Now you have a feather effect with all the thin strands on each side. Start making a braid by taking two thin strands from left side and one from right side. Continue till you reach the last strand and secure it with the base braid.

4 Strand Braid

This unique braid is also called as braid in braid. Start by brushing your hair to one side and tie it with elastic. Take out a very thin section out of the ponytail and divide it into three sections. Make a normal 3 strand braid and secure it.

4 strand braid

Move it aside and divide the rest of the ponytail into 3 sections. Bring the thin braid and place it with the middle or second section. Now start braiding. At each level the thin braid swirls once around the middle section of the braid. When you reach the end, secure it with elastic. To add volume, pull the sections loose which gives a nice swirling effect.