Unique Chin Length Hairstyles


Chin length hairstyles look very sleek and classy and are very modern in hairstyles that are sported by most of the women today. These hairstyles are short and easy to maintain and form very comfortable hairstyles to sport as in this style one is dealing with less hair as compared to people who have long or mid length hair.

Some people may feel that since the look consists of very short hair, there are not many options in styling left, however it’s not true for there are innumerable styles one can sport in this length. Here are four unique chin length hairstyles to flaunt this season.

Stylish Chin Length Hairstyles

The Sassy Chin Length Bob 

The sassy chin length bob is a very formal but chic bob which you can sport in formal occasions like business meets and conferences. This hairstyle works with mostly every type of hair but it looks best in straight hair and mainly compliments women with round faces.

Sassy Chin Length Bob

To get this look, flat iron your bob in sections so that the bob looks sharp and defined and then simply arrange the fringe over the forehead such that it is angled with the style of the bob. Lastly, apply a little bit of serum to add shine to the sassy bob. 

The Sandy Beach Bob 

The sandy beach bob is very fun and playful style which brings out the child in the wearer. The sandy beach bob works perfectly for those who wish to keep chin length hair and this is a hassle free and easy to maintain bob. This hair style has body and movement but gives a very casual and care free look. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to be set and highlights your facial features perfectly.

sandy beach bob

To get this look, take your dry and clean hair and make the parting you wish to make. It may be a middle or a side parting. Then simply curl the ends of your chin length bob into loose curls or waves using a curling iron as you wish to do so and then just tousle it by running your fingers through it to give it a messy and a less polished, tousled look. Complete the look by applying a light hairspray to your hair in sections to hold the curls.

The Big Curled Bob 

The big curled bob is for those people who have naturally curly hair and wish to sport a chin length bob with curly hair. For those who do not have natural curls, you can curl your hair in sections artificially by using a curling iron or get your hair permed.

big curled bob

In this look, your hair is chin length and is totally curled giving off a very playful and carefree look. Complete the look by applying a good strong hold hairspray to hold the curls together.

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The Tapering Bob 

tapered bob

The tapering bob refers to a bob which may be chin length in length but is asymmetrical in cut. This style suits women with straight hair, if you don’t possess straight hair, you can flat iron it by using a heated iron. In this style, the bob is tapering in the sense that it is long and tapering in the front and short at the back.