Unique Spiky Short Haircuts For Women

Short haircuts for women are by far the simplest and the easiest of haircuts to get. These haircuts being short in length do not leave much space for styling and accessorizing but can still look amazing if one follows the correct tips and methods for styling short hair.

Short hair can be made to look dreamy and soft by curling the ends as the give the hair a dreamy vibe or it can also be made to look edgy by spiking the ends of the hair and styling it with hair gel. Here are four unique short spiky hairstyles for you to sport this season.

Spiky Short Haircuts For Women

The Razor Haircut 

The razor haircut is a very popular short spiky haircut. This haircut is extremely hassle free and requires literally no maintenance. To get this haircut, your hair should be cut short and in sharp and short layers using a razor. In the razor cut, the specialty is using a razor to get sharp and non symmetrical edges giving off a spiky look.

Razor Haircut

You can then arrange the hair as you wish to. If you have a fringe, you can flat iron it to dramatize the spikes and make the edges of the fringes sharper. Arrange the fringe properly so that it is angled with the hair cut. Complete the look by styling the hair by means of a good hair gel or a good hair wax.

The Mohawk Haircut

The Mohawk haircut is a very daring haircut to be sported by girls. If you are not willing to shave your hair for a Mohawk haircut you can go for a faux hawk haircut where the hair is styled to give the illusion of a Mohawk. To get the Mohawk haircut, you divide your hair into three sections and then shave the two side sections leaving the middle section untouched.

Mohawk Haircut

You can also flatten the side sections if you wish to go for a faux hawk and not a Mohawk and then leave the middle section as it is. Now the middle section can be styled accordingly and can be spiked using a hair gel to give it an uplifted look. You can make the Mohawk or the faux hawk all the more interesting if you colour the middle portion into some bright vibrant colour so that your hairstyle stands out.

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The Shaggy Pixie Haircut 

The shaggy pixie haircut is a very stylish haircut in short hair. In this haircut the hair is cut to give off the look of a pixie cut and then made shaggy by adding shaggy layers to it and hence it is given an edgy but messy look.

Shaggy Pixie Haircut

You can also flat iron your hair if you want your pixie cut to look sharp and then arrange the fringe according to your wish. Complete the look by applying a bit of a serum to add shine to the look.

The Super Volume Spiky Haircut 

volume spikes

The super volume spiky cut is a very trendy short spiky haircut. To get his style simply get your hair cut in short and sharp layers to add massive amounts of volume to the cut. Flat iron the ends of the strands of hair to make the layers look all the more defined. Complete the look by applying a good hairspray to maintain the layers.