Ways For Dealing With Hair Loss

Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss

Ways For Dealing With Hair Loss Hair is commonly associated with beauty and it is obvious that nobody wants to lose it. Losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is consider normal. However any amount of hair lost beyond it should be considered a sever condition of hair fall. So peep into your lifestyle giving a closer attention to what could be the reason for you to lose your hair.

It is unpleasant to witness strands of hair early morning on the pillow, on your towel and on your hair brush or comb. So it is necessary to start hair care before you get alarming signals of losing your beautiful locks.

Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

Handle Your Hair With Care

It is important to treat your hair delicately. In the best interest, do not comb wet hair, and even if you want to detangle use a wide toothed comb and gently run through your hair to prevent pulling of hair and breaking it. Use soft towel to fry your hair and do not rub vigorously for quick drying.

Head Massage And Hot Oil Treatments

Massaging hair with natural oils strengthens the follicles and improves circulation of blood in the head area. This helps quicker growth of hair and also relaxes the body reducing stress.

Head Massage

Hot oils give the benefit of reducing the dryness, dandruff and flaky scalp which are a major cause for hair loss.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

It is a myth that frequent shampooing is unhealthy for hair. Though a part of it is true that using improper shampoos regularly may leave the hair dry and dull but it is necessary to maintain a clean scalp especially if yours is oily.


Therefore, it is important to use proper conditioners and oils and shampoo your hair regularly.

Reduce Stress Through Meditation

Stress and anxiety is another major reason for hair loss and hair fall. It is agreeable that life demands a lot more than what we can give it, but it is necessary to know that health comes first. Give your body and mind some rest through breathing exercises, meditation and yoga as it helps reduce stress and helps you lead a healthy and stress free life.

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Let Your Hair Breathe

Tying hair into a bun or a pony tail all the time to prevent it from getting dirty is right, but keeping it tied up forever is not. Let your hair breathe.

Let Your Hair Breathe

Choose haircuts that will let air pass through and let your hair dry normally instead of always blow drying it in a rush. Plus, if you really love the rest of your hair left, then keep away the styling tools form them.

Maintain A Healthy Eating Habit

Avoid junk food and beverages, alcohol, oily and fatty foods and include juices, green salads, fruits and vegetables that have a high nutritional value. What you eat shows on your hair and body. Even extreme dieting is harmful causing weakening of hair roots. So try including healthy food in your diet and stay away from items that harm your hair.