Ways Of Treating Thyroid Problems And Hair Loss

Ways Of Treating Thyroid Problems And Hair Loss

Ways Of Treating Thyroid Problems And Hair Loss The over secretion and the under secretion of the hormone thyroxin can lead to thyroid problems. Thyroid affects numerous people worldwide and can be associated with hair loss. Hair loss is a common symptom of the both the types of thyroid. Many people even face rapid hair fall and baldness.

Not only there is hair loss from the head, thyroid patients can face hair loss from the entire body. Hair loss associated with thyroid is a result of an autoimmune disease or alopecia. There is hair loss in oval patches. Some of the effective treatments for thyroid problems and hair loss are explained below.

Ways Of Treating Thyroid Problems And Hair Loss

Green Tea

Green tea is a very good source of natural antioxidants. Drinking green tea every day can reduce the hair loss symptoms associated with thyroid. Take a cup of boiling water and add half a teaspoon of green tea leaves.

green tea

Allow the leaves to soak for five to ten minutes. Take another cup with some sugar. Strain the tea over this cup and stir. Green tea is ready. Green tea also helps in the secretion of the thyroxin hormone in the needed amount.

Vitamin B6 And Zinc

Increasing the intake of vitamin B6 and zinc can really deal with thyroid problems and hair loss effectively. Few food items like meat, vegetables, fishes, nut, wholegrain products, barn and seeds are rich source of vitamin B6.

Food rich in Zinc

Meat, fish and nuts are also rich sources of zinc. Even cereals contain zinc. Both this vitamin and mineral can really effectively reduce hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair follicles.


Arginine is an amino acid that slows down hair thinning. Arginine increases the level of nitric oxide in the body which is critical for hair growth. It also improves the blood circulation in the hair follicles and thereby stimulates hair re-growth.

Peanuts (Rich in Arginine)

Food items like oatmeal, coconuts, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, soya beans, chick peas etc are rich sources of this essential protein. Include these items in your daily diet to prevent hair loss and consult a doctor before eating these to check your thyroid type.


This is a female sex hormone and taking progesterone supplements prevents hair loss in females due to thyroid. Certain food supplements can also be taken in to increase the progesterone level in the body. Food rich in vitamin B and zinc can improve the progesterone level in the body thereby preventing hair thinning. Magnesium is another effective mineral necessary to maintain the hormonal balance of the body. Chaste berry can be taken in to reduce estrogen level and stimulate progesterone levels in the body.

Saw Palmetto

This is yet another effective method to reduce hair loss. This herb which grows in North America is used in many hair products and has been clinically found to be effective in treating hair loss associated with thyroid in both and men and women.

Saw Palmetto

It blocks a certain enzyme from becoming active and it is this enzyme that leads to hair loss. This herb has side effects like constipation, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach pain etc. This works by affecting the sex hormones.

These were few of the treatments for thyroid problems and hair loss that have been a major syndrome of the disease and can be actually controlled by following these natural methods.