Ways To Style Thick Hair

Females having healthy and thick lustrous hair should consider themselves blessed. It is a very common feeling for every other female to be unhappy and having complaints about the way their hair is or its looks.

Even with the vast technology and hair care database, it is not a hundred percent assurance that you will have the beautiful and perfect locks. Managing thick and voluminous hair is also an art. Here are a few simple styles that are evergreen and easy for you to carry the thick hair with grace.

Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Side Locks

side locks

With full hair you can get this stunning look with a side part. Use the right color for wavy hair; make a side part with broad locks falling up to the chin. This is an easy and glamorous look that can be a subject to envious looks. Make sure you brush the hair with a wide round brush to add broad curls and use blow drying and sprays to make the hairdo stay.

Loose Waves

If you want your hair short or medium length, go for loose waves with a bang for a stylish look. Use razors and sheers to thin down the hair near the tips and for portions that have excessively thickened hairs to create a sleek look avoiding frizziness.

Loose Waves

Then there is this high maintenance work of making the hair bend or sit in a certain direction for a natural look. Make sure the hair is set to avoid making it look messy.


This is a twin look with locks teamed with a topknot. A perfect party look it is. Use the hair in front for this straight or choppy locks settling for a length right on the eyebrows and the back to make a loose wavy top knot.


This works best for wavy or semi curly hair. Very straight hair does not add much to the knot, making it look flat. Moreover, the weight at the crown makes the hair look less heavy towards the ends.


Thick hair is an excellent material for sexy updos. This is a formal evening look, with hair puffed at the front and back tied into a neat roll showing off the neckline and collar bone.


You can make chignon either high up at the back if you are short, to give a taker appearance. The best part about this hairstyle is that it works amazingly on straight, wavy and curly hair types and looks good mostly on all.

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Braids are a neat way to tie your hair for both regular and party look. There are various stylish braids that can be made on mostly all volumes and all lengths of hair. You can use a fishtail or French braids for the office wear and fancy braids like halo or triple knot braids occasionally.


Braids are easy to make and maintain and give a rich, elegant and delicate look. Moreover with thick hair, you never have the problem with the thickness of the braid.