Weave Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

One of the most attractive spot of the head is the hair. While hairs gives glamor to the face, when it is styled properly. No matter, whether your hairs are long or short, but arranging them in an appropriate way becomes important. You should always know the latest trends and make hairstyles accordingly. But, at the same time, you should also know the tricks about how to create your own hairstyle trend through your attractive looks.

Suppose you have long hairs, you can create a great interest in others by trying out different styles of braids or buns. Similarly, if you have short hairs you can use fancy clips, make the bangs soft and silky; you can even color them for fancy look; or weave your short hairs, and use front or side bangs to hit more number of people with your smooth wild hairstyles.

Glamorous Weave Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Front Cross-Bang Weave

Front Cross-Bang Weave is a very simple and mod-hairstyle that is most acceptable by teenage girls who wants to look alike in social groups. To make this style, you need step-cut at left and right sides of your ear back hairs like a sharp feather; and you must also have short front bangs to get this hairstyle done.

Front Cross-Bang Weave

If you have this cut, just partition your hair from middle-left side of your crown and comb the hairs. Also, weave your front short bangs from left to right corner. Try to colorize your hairs- yellow and orange shadows look awesome. This hairstyle best suits for night parties or for any bright occasions, when worn with the combination of short dark skirts and half sleeved short tops.

Short Weave On-Ear Bangs

To get this hair style you need straight hairs that should be parted equally from front, pick few bangs, micro braid and tie a knot at the end of your left sided bangs. Follow-up the same for your right side bang as well. Whereas, leave few short slang bangs on your forehead and weave the bangs that fall on your ears for fine looks. This type of hairstyle is perfect to wear for sports club, dance or music classes, also good for shopping. You can wear this hairstyle on board shorts paired with full-sleeved light color jacket top.

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Spring Hairs With Side-Bangs Weave

Get this hairstyle done for your curly hair and acquire amazing looks. Comb front hairs, and tie them with a stylish hairpin.

Spring Hairs With Side-Bangs Weave

Later, pick bunch of few hairs, curl them like a spring, and allow them to hang; do this for rest of your hairs too. Next step is to twist and weave your left and right sided bangs. Such hairstyle looks good on denim pant and denim jacket, followed by big white ear rings.

Forehead-Bangs Weave

Forehead-Bangs Weave

To own this most dazzling hairstyle, you need bob-haircut rolled inside like a bun and step-cut bangs all over your ears, also silky short weaved bangs on your forehead. This style best goes with professionals or business-women on their formal pants and casual tops

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