Wedding Hairstyles For Brides Wearing Veils

Wedding Hairstyles For Brides Wearing Veils The big day is here and you already know what you are wearing but the question remains if you have decided on the hairstyle or not.

This is an important aspect that often determines how a bride looks on her big day but it is not something which you can decide without considering the bridal veil.

If you are wearing a veil then you must understand the type you are wearing to finalize a hairstyle that will enhance your bridal look to the maximum.

Bridal Veils and Hairstyle Options

To get the perfect bridal hairstyle, here are a few hair updos that can enhance your appearance:

Classic Long Veil

If you are wearing the popular long veil then a classic bun is the right hairstyle. The simple bun will not intervene with the veil that hangs down in the back. To make it look prettier, accessorize the bun with flowers or clips that add a softer look to your bridal getup.

Birdcage Veil

While wearing a birdcage veil, the hairstyle that looks best is a low chignon that is reminiscent of the classic 50s era. You must not wear your hair down while wearing a birdcage veil as this might look totally out of place and too messy for the wedding. To perfectly complement the veil, the best hairstyle is to tie a neat but low chignon.

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Also, such a hairdo is perfect if you are wearing a dramatic yet vintage looking headpiece that hangs low on one side of the face. For this, the chignon must be tied low and loose on either side.

Floral Headpiece accompanying Veil

In case you are wearing a floral headpiece accompanying the veil that hangs at the back then the best bridal hairstyle is to add curls or simply braid the hair on one side. The braids should be loosely tied for the perfect bridal look. One can also accessorize the hair with pearls on the braids.

Midlength Veil

While wearing a midlength veil you must opt for the vintage look of soft finger curls and ringlets.

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These add a vintage look and are highly recommended for shoulder-grazing veils and also for brides who have medium length hair and who want to keep it less formal.

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Bridal Hair Comb Veil

If you are wearing a hair comb then you must keep your hairdo neat. Tie a classic high bun without front hair gelled back neatly. This highlights the hair comb and the veil without making it look overpowered by a wrong hairstyle. One style that one must avoid is loose curls as this can look tousled overpowering the hair comb.

Short Hair Covering Veil

While wearing this kind of veil that is more like a birdcage veil that ends at your shoulder, then opt for a clean hairstyle that is parted to the side and swept back to coils.

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For a neat look, the coils are pinned into underneath each other. Spritz some hairspray over the coils to let it remain in place during the wedding ceremony. One can also add bangs at the side but do not overdo it as it might look too messy for the occasion.

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