Well Defined Look With Wedge Haircut Styles


Short Wedge Hairstyle A wedge hair style is an ideal way to add up the volume of your hair while keeping the well groomed look which makes it the right choice for all types of hair.

Your hair will have a balance of fullness and volume at your crown which makes them a hit among the masses. The wedge haircut styles became very popular in the 70s era which featured men and women flaunting this style as it complimented all face types and personalities. This hairstyle can vary from short to medium and has a bowl cut at its base.

Best Wedge Haircut Styles

Short Wedge Hairstyle

This is an easy to maintain hairstyle that is best suited if you prefer a modernized look. Your hair stylist would prefer to trim the hair beneath the ear line by ¼ inch in length. Also the hair above the ear line would have a sharp cut at an angle that the front hair on the face would be ½ an inch longer than the crown hair.

Short Wedge With Bangs Or Without Bangs

Short Wedge With Bangs

You can prefer to flaunt this style with bangs or without bangs. This hairstyle is very easy to style as you will require only a brush to run through the hair to eliminate the fly away hairs.

Short Wedge Slicked Back Style

Also you can create a slicked back look by combing it back and set it with a hair gel to prevent hair from falling on the face.

Medium Wedge Hairstyle

This hair style is the most popular one among the wedge haircut styles as it features good length when compared to the classic wedge hairstyle and it also requires very low maintenance. Your hair stylist would cut the hair at the base and lead it straight at the base of your hair.

Shag for Medium Length Hair

This hair style would feature long hair at the front than at the back at your nape. This hair cut will get converted into a long wedge style as your hair grows. To get this style every day, just use a brush to smooth the hair and add a dash of light hold spray to eliminate the fly away. You can also use Bobby pins for a flirty look.

Long Wedge Hairstyle

This hair style offers a modernized look and is a trendier counterpart of the classic style of wedge. This makes room for a more feminine hair style and can vary according to your preference. Your hair stylist would cut your hair at the back of the head to make it fall just below the neckline.

Long Wedge Hairstyle

The cut must be angled in such a way that the front hair is just two inches below the chin. Like any other wedge haircut styles, this hairstyle has easy maintenance as well. You just require using a brush to smooth the hair and eliminate any hair that might stick out. Try to add a bit of a feminine touch by wearing a head bad which is very thin to pull the hair to the back and to prevent it from falling on the face


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