Wispy Long Hairstyles

Styling your hair in the right manner goes a long way in defining your personality and who you are. If you possess long hair you are lucky as long hair compared to medium and short length hair can be styled in innumerable ways.

These hairstyles are amazing and have the ability of making the wearer look stunning and these hairstyles can also be modified in various ways so that they suit the occasion. You can then style your hair any way you wish to. Here are four eye catching hairstyles that you can sport if you have long hair. 

Stylish Wispy Long Hairstyles

The Wispy Side Braid 

The wispy side braid is a very elegant hairstyle which looks amazing on long hair. This side braid can be flaunted on any function but this is mostly a casual, outdoor daytime look which can be paired with pretty summer dresses and shorts. To get this look, comb your long hair using a wide toothed comb such that it is detangled.

whispy side braid

Then divide the hair into three sections and get it all on any one side of the shoulder after which you braid it by putting one section on top of the middle section and then the other section on top of the now middle section. This will get you a side braid. Make sure that the braid is loose and long so that you can get the wispy side braid look. You can even add a pretty lace while making the braid to get a more elaborate look. Secure the end of the braid with the help of an elastic band. Complete the look by applying a light hold hairspray. 

The Princess Like Side Swept Hair 

The side swept hair do is a very popular and classy hairstyle meant to flaunt on formal occasions with strapless and one shoulder gowns and dresses. In this look, it is preferred that you have long wavy hair.

side swept

Now take your hair and comb it so that it is detangled and then blow dry the hair to get it in perfect waves. After this, totally side sweep the hair and place it on any one shoulder. Complete the look by applying a good strong hold hairstyle to hold the style together.

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The Wispy Hair Up Do 

The wispy hair up do is a very formal look and is meant to be flaunted on formal occasion with gowns and dressy clothes. To get this look, take your hair and detangle it using a wide toothed comb. Now take your hair and tie it into a loose ponytail.

Wispy Hair Up Do

Secure the ponytail with the help of an elastic band. After doing so swirl the ponytail in the form of a coil at the back of the head. Secure the bun with the help of bobby pins. You can even make the up do all the more intricate by adding hair accessories like headbands and stones. 

The Wispy Long Layered Look 

The wispy long layered look is a very pretty hairstyle in which the long hair is cut in long overlapping layers to get a wavy and elegant look.

Wispy Long Layered Look

You can even pair a wispy side fringe with this style to convert the style into a more fairytale look. Run your fingers through the hair to make the hair a bit tousled.