Women’s Hairstyles To Hide Huge Forehead

It is an all time challenge for a woman to look  her best. There are females blessed with a lot of hair, but a huge forehead, which is a problem.

Therefore, it is a challenge to hide the broadness of the forehead and receding hair line with style and following the trends too. Here are a few hairstyles that work well for broad foreheads that you can use: –

Hairstyles For Girls To Hide Huge Forehead

Highlights With Layers

For medium or long hair, opt for a layered cut or any other cut that suits your face type that gives a wavy look with bangs. Volumising hairstyle is a must have for a wide forehead; kept to medium length is a smart choice too.

Highlights With Layers

Use side-parting with bangs falling on one side of the face. Use shades of the color tone of your hair, to create highlights for your hair and shift attention from forehead. This hairstyle looks good on medium to long hair.

Emo Hairstyle

To detract attention from the forehead to an overall appearance, Emo works best. Side swept wide fringes are useful and an innovative way to hide wide foreheads.

emo hairstyles

The fringes used for Emo hairstyles are usually unevenly chopped and are thick unusual strands. You can carry it for short to long hair and color it according to your style comfort. Emo is also a very fashionable look, but beware if you have a dark skin tone, as the fringe may make you look dull.

Long And Medium Straight Bangs

Flat bangs that reach up to or cover the eyebrows are a good way to disguise broad forehead. The bangs can be kept up to the forehead and with a slant gradually be merged into the rest of the length.

Long And Medium Straight Bangs

The part to be careful about is that bangs need regular trims and maintenance is a must to maintain the fresh look. For fast growing and wavy hair, use styling gel and straightener to keep the hair straight and hairstyle in place.

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For Curly Hair

If you have hair that is extremely curly or semi curled, use bangs that suit your face type and maintain a short hair cut. It is a smart decision you need to make to get the right look.

Short Curly Hairstyle

Use natural messed up look, with a wind-blown look, keeping a side fringe that is short at the face and trimmed into a steep angle, maintaining it longest at the temples. You can also club it up with a razor cut for a different style.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, with a large and distinct forehead and sharp chin, get a haircut that gives an illusion of minimal and scanty volume at the crown of the head and at the ear level. A really sparse, long fringe that reaches the eye-brows, or very short baby fringes of mid-length up to the forehead will minimize the broadness. Add curls or waves at the chin level to balance the look and bring a beautifully rounded effect to the pointed face.